About Us

Conventry Academy is the best online resource for training courses, corporate training and continuing education. Our mission is to connect you to the best international training providers and find the most relevant and up-to-date Professional Development training courses and seminar in global venues.

As the best online resource for training courses and seminars, Conventry Academy is committed to deliver the best training programs from accredited training providers to provide you the best value of excellent training and continuing professional development. As your strategic training partner we will help your organization to receive excellent ROI for your training investment. We help both training provider and clients by simplifying the search process and find the right training program for your training objectives and professional development goals.

Our strategic partnership with international training providers allows us to offer the most comprehensive training portfolio that covers all industries with courses prefect for professionals at levels. Our team of Learning and Development specialist conducts a thorough review of all Training Providers to ensure that they meet our rigorous quality standards. This process allows us to guarantee that all courses listed and advertised in Conventry Academy will deliver the skills, knowledge and competencies needed for professionals and organizations to succeed.

Sort, Filter, and Find the right training program for your needs using our search function and tools. Our objective is to make it easier for HR Professionals, L&D Specialist, and Individuals to find the right course for their requirements. Once a suitable training course is found, we send your information request immediately to the training partner to provide you a prompt response.

Our training portfolio is the most comprehensive selection of courses, seminars, and workshops that will enable you to make the right decision.

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Our rigorous process of course selection will ensure that you will experience high caliber training from our training partners. This process of ensuring the quality of the training has made Conventry Academy a big success with HR personnel and Training and Development professionals. We have made it easier for you to arrive at decision with their training requirements. The pre-selection process ensures that any course available with Plan4Training has passed our quality standards.

What We Do

Conventry Academy identifies reliable training providers worldwide and establishes a training partnership to compile world class training courses and seminars in a convenient one-stop location. This allows training managers, training and development officers, and HR specialist to locate training programs that suits the professional development requirements of employees in their organization. If you find a training course or seminar in Conventry Academy, rest assured that we have done what is necessary to ensure that what you are presented are high quality training programs that will deliver an exceptional learning experience and an ROI for your training budget.