Certificate in Practical Finance and Accounting

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Certificate in Practical Finance and Accounting in Finance & Accounting

Course Schedule

Date Venue Fees($)
09 - 13 Oct 2022 Online $2,350

Course Summary

Why Choose this Online Training Course?

Are you able to use the essential accounting and financial tools, techniques and know-how and apply them practically in real-life business situations? This Coventry Academy online training course, Certificate In Practical Finance And Accounting illustrates and reinforces the use of the essential accounting and financial tools and techniques to enable non-financial and financial professionals at every level to make better-informed decisions to improve financial performance, create and increase corporate value and shareholder value, and maximise shareholder wealth.

This Coventry Academy online training course covers the two separate disciplines of finance and accounting and introduces the principles, processes and techniques of accounting and finance systems used by business organisations. It illustrates how accounting and financial data and information are collected and recorded, and then summarised and presented to investors and others in the form of financial statements and reports. From an internal perspective, accounting and financial data and information may be used in a variety of ways to support the effective planning, control and management of the organisation. This training course also explores the financial institutions and financial markets that provide access to long-term financing for capital investment and growth, and the range of short-term finance that enables organisations to fund their daily operations, and evaluates the impact of financial risk and its management.

This Coventry Academy online training course will feature:

  • Accounting systems that record, process and report the financial information essential for the operation of the organisation
  • Preparation and analysis of the three key financial statements from summarised accounting data, the application of accounting concepts and financial reporting standards, and the use of financial judgement
  • The management accounting techniques used for planning and control, and performance improvement
  • Financial risk and its management using appropriate funding, and use of interest rate and foreign currency instruments available from the financial markets and financial institutions
  • Growth of the organisation from increased corporate value and shareholder value through effective financing and capital investment to achieve the primary corporate objective of shareholder wealth maximisation