Cybersecurity for Private and Public Sectors

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Cybersecurity for Private and Public Sectors in Management & Leadership

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Date Venue Fees($)
05 - 07 Dec 2022 Online $1,750

Course Summary

Why Choose this Online Training Course?

The emergence of smart infrastructures represents an integral part of the modern civilization system. Such next-generation equipment and components rely on digital measurements, digital connectivity, and industrial control systems for sustainable, efficient operations that fuel important functions of human lifestyles. This Coventry Academy online training course aims to address the functions and components of the intelligent public and private assets and their cyber representation in the digital information world. It also highlights the associated cyber-physical security and safety exposures to develop practical, resilient integrated solutions that answer asset stewardship challenges at a time when the rate of digital technology change is outrunning organizational capabilities on policy, regulation, and compliance.

This will help manage the implications of the ever-growing role that digital technologies continue to play in the private and public sectors alike. The online training course also offers useful insights into the proactive risk management of cybersecurity threats as well as the organizational culture, operational processes, and worker behavioral aspects influencing the digital workplace environment as our cities evolve into becoming smarter. Thus, it focuses on digitalizing safely capitalizing on modern, holistic cyber-physical security paradigms.