Effective Project Management in an Uncertain World

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Effective Project Management in an Uncertain World in Project Management

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Date Venue Fees($)
10 - 12 Oct 2022 Online $1,750

Course Summary

Online Training Course Overview

When we make our first steps in the field of project management our main focus is on trying to eliminate any uncertainty from our project plans and then deliver our projects as close to the planned baseline as possible. Unfortunately, in today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environment that classic approach is all but vanished and we need to adapt the tried and trusted project management tools in the much more unstable and unpredictable world. Project professionals are increasingly required to deliver complex projects in constantly changing and highly dynamic environments. 

In this online course, we aim to look at a number of advanced concepts in Project Management, Leadership and Risk Management that will enable you to deal with the ever-changing business context and ever moving project goal posts.