Emotional Intelligence and Communication Mastery

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Emotional Intelligence and Communication Mastery in Management & Leadership

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Date Venue Fees($)
05 - 06 Dec 2022 Online $1,100

Course Summary

Why Choose this Online Training Course?

It is during challenging times that our emotional intelligence is put to the test. When we lack emotional mastery and self-awareness this is reflected in the way we communicate.  Getting irritated and impatient, feeling anxious or insecure, becoming jealous and competitive or demanding or defensive, are just some of the indications that we lack emotional maturity, and this has a huge impact on our relationships and our work life.

The first area of emotional intelligence is self-awareness.  By having self-awareness, we know what we\'re feeling and why we have feeling this, we know our blind spots, our personality traits and we know how to manage our thoughts feelings behaviors and habits effectively. And this is just one area of emotional intelligence.  Without proper training in the area of emotional intelligence and communication mastery we hold back ourselves from having the most positive impact and success in our careers and relationships.

During this fascinating Coventry Academy two-day online training course, you will learn in depth how our inner psychological and emotional worlds operate and to master our thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and habits.  We will also explore how to communicate in a way to say what we mean clearly, gain respect and influence those around us in a positive way.  We will also learn how to stay motivated and motivate others.   This is truly a course which will transform the way you see yourself, others, and how life and relationships really work.