Forecasting and Analysing Cash Flow

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Forecasting and Analysing Cash Flow in Finance & Accounting

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Why Choose this Training Course?

Cash is King!  Since the dawn of the new century we have seen turbulent change in global markets and unprecedented volatility in commodity prices. Industries like the oil and gas sector have faced a rapid decline in output prices and face enormous pressure on their ability to maintain profit, cash flow and shareholder value. The ability to plan and manage business cash flow has never been more critical for the ability of the enterprise to survive and flourish.

This hands-on cash flow Coventry Academy training course will focus on practical financial skills directly relevant for business cash flow management and optimisation; using powerful Excel based modelling tools delegates will build a range of functional skills, tools and techniques with which to plan, manage and improve their organisations cash flow.

This Coventry Academy training course will feature:

  • Comprehensive analysis of cost, profit and cash flow drivers
  • In depth guide to optimising working capital
  • Guide to sources of funding and capital structure
  • Best practice in capital investment analysis
  • Review of basic business forecasting methods
  • Practical tips and guidance on building forecasting models