Heat Exchangers: Types, Applications, Design, Operation & Maintenance

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12 - 14 Sep 2022 Online $1,750

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Heat exchangers play important role as heat transfer devices in petrochemical, process and oil and gas industries, including oil refineries and gas production plants, as well as in power generation plants (thermal, nuclear, solar, geothermal, ocean thermal, etc.). In order to maintain the best thermal efficiency of the entire process, engineers and operators need to have good understanding of thermal and hydraulic aspects of operation, as well as input and output design parameters which define the performance of each unit.

This Coventry Academy online training course will present the technical and operational features of Heat Exchangers of various designs, such as shell-and tube (STHE), air-cooled (ACHE), plate (PHE). The online course will discuss ranges of operating parameters and requirements for maintenance and repair of these types of exchangers. The emphasis in course will be on practical issues and problems encountered in everyday operation, that have to be solved.  Several workshops will be included with real-life case studies from engineering practice that will enable the analysis of the root causes as a prerequisite for effective troubleshooting process.