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The Complete Course on Hydraulic Fracturing Applications

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Cairo - Egypt
16-20 Jul 2023
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Fee: $5,950
Dubai - UAE
20-24 Nov 2023
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Course Schedules

 Cairo - Egypt
 16-20 Jul 2023
 Dubai - UAE
 20-24 Nov 2023

Training course overview

This five-day training course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of hydraulic fracturing applications. The course will cover the basic principles of hydraulic fracturing, including the components of the fracturing fluid, the design of a hydraulic fracturing treatment, and the evaluation of a fracture treatment. In addition, the course will cover the various types of proppants and their selection, as well as the completion techniques and equipment used in hydraulic fracturing. The course will also include practical exercises and case studies to reinforce the concepts learned.

What are the goals?

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles of hydraulic fracturing and how it is used in oil and gas production
  • Learn about the different types of hydraulic fracturing and their respective applications, including conventional and unconventional reservoirs
  • Gain an understanding of the hydraulic fracturing process, including the design and implementation of a hydraulic fracturing job
  • Learn about the different types of fracturing fluids, proppants, and additives used in hydraulic fracturing, as well as their respective properties and advantages
  • Understand the importance of well completion design and optimization in hydraulic fracturing operations.
  • Gain an understanding of the monitoring and evaluation techniques used in hydraulic fracturing operations, including microseismic and pressure monitoring
  • Learn about the environmental and regulatory considerations associated with hydraulic fracturing
  • Understand the latest developments and trends in hydraulic fracturing technology

Who is this training course for?

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Engineers, geologists, and technical personnel involved in the design, implementation, and evaluation of hydraulic fracturing treatments
  • Individuals involved in the planning and execution of well completions

Course Outline

Day One: Introduction to Hydraulic Fracturing:
  • Overview of hydraulic fracturing applications
  • Historical development of hydraulic fracturing
  • Components of a hydraulic fracturing fluid
  • Hydraulic fracturing design parameters and considerations
  • Practical exercises on hydraulic fracturing design
Day Two: Proppant Selection and Conductivity:
  • Types of proppants and their properties
  • Proppant transport and placement
  • Fracture conductivity and its measurement
  • Practical exercises on proppant selection and conductivity
Day Three: Hydraulic Fracturing Evaluation:
  • Overview of fracture evaluation techniques
  • Interpretation of hydraulic fracturing data
  • Analysis of fracture geometry and conductivity
  • Practical exercises on hydraulic fracturing evaluation
Day Four: Completion Techniques and Equipment:
  • Overview of completion techniques and equipment
  • Completion fluids and additives
  • Types of completion equipment and their selection
  • Practical exercises on completion techniques and equipment
Day Five: Advanced Topics in Hydraulic Fracturing:
  • Overview of advanced topics in hydraulic fracturing
  • Multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and horizontal well completions
  • Diagnostic techniques and evaluation of hydraulic fracturing treatments
  • Practical exercises on advanced topics in hydraulic fracturing

The certificate

  • Coventry Academy Certificate of Completion for delegates who attend and complete the training course

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