A highly interactive training course on

Mini MBA:
Strategic Planning
& Effective Budgeting

Strategic Planning, Management Control & Effective Budgeting


10 Days

Training course overview

Developing Strategies, Risk Analysis, Negotiating, Budgeting and Cost Control are all essential skills for managers who are dedicated to delivery top performance and making a big contribution to their organisation. The business environment continues to be very uncertain and turbulent, placing great demands on top management and middle management to think long term but act short term. Managers who are agile and able to adapt to frequent change are at a premium. Hence, the skills learned during this 10-day Coventry Academy Training Course offer a structured and coherent framework to meet the day-to-day challenges and longer-term responsibilities faced by all professionals.

What are the goals?

This 10-day Coventry Academy Training Course offers delegates opportunities to gain skills in strategy development and implementation, together with risk assessment. To understand finance, in particular budgeting and cost control and how performance measurement enables organisations to track the viability of their strategies.

Packed with many practical exercises and a safe environment in which to practice new skills, delegates will:

  • Gain an Understanding of Strategy and Strategic Thinking
  • Learn about Risk Management and Mitigation
  • Practice Negotiating and Learn Top Tips for Effective Negotiations
  • Develop Skills in Budgeting and Cost Control
  • Understand how Financial Measurement Supports Strategic Success

Who is this training course for?

This 10-day Coventry Academy Training Course is suitable for a wide range of professionals who wish to develop their strategic leadership capabilities and gain a greater grasp of budgeting and cost control. For example:

  • Current and Potential Managers, and Business Leaders at All Levels
  • Those Responsible for Developing and Leading Strategic Changes
  • Procurement and Client Service Managers Responsible for Negotiation Strategies
  • Functional Team Leaders in the Governmental or Private Sector
  • Staff Members Responsible for Budgeting and Financial Controls
  • Non-Finance Managers with Financial Responsibilities

The certificate

  • Coventry Academy Certificate of Attendance will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the course
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Houston - USA
06-17 Feb 2023
Fee: $13,900
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London - UK
06-17 Mar 2023
Fee: $11,900
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Dubai - UAE
17-28 Jul 2023
Fee: $11,900
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Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
11-22 Sep 2023
Fee: $11,900
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Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
04-15 Dec 2023
Fee: $11,900
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Course customization available
Course customization available

This training course is available to be conducted at your own page, at your own time. Request for a quotation now, our training advisor will contact you promptly