Bootcamp for Project Management Professionals

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Bootcamp for Project Management Professionals in Project Management

Course Schedule

Date Venue Fees($)
27 Nov - 01 Dec 2022 Online $2,350

Course Summary

Why Choose this Online Training Course?

This action-packed Project Management Bootcamp online training course is designed for participants to get the knowledge required to be more effective in their role and to be able to continually deliver successful projects in their organization. Leading projects can be a hard and stressful job; and hence this Project Management Bootcamp training course will try to remove the stress and show participants how to successfully deliver any projects.

It will focus on understanding how to approach projects, the value project management has in delivering successful projects, how to deal with customer issues and project delivery, project selection, planning, estimating, scheduling, and delivering customer satisfaction.

This online training course will feature:

  • Apply and practice project management in a fun, practical and team orientated environment
  • Practice the principles of multi-project management & understand the challenges of managing large complex project and how to overcome them
  • Collect hands on experience of creating elements of the project plan, project risks and metrics
  • Identify how to implement selected or all project management tools and methods for immediate use
  • Define what it takes to deliver a project to customer satisfaction and sponsor alignment