Training Courses in
Zurich - Switzerland

The city of Zurich, Switzerland, a global centre for banking and finance, and lies at the north end of Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland. It has historic commerce connections going back thousands of years, with the Romans making it a permanent route stop-over in Europe. The city has Roman, Medieval and Renaissance influence and is home to impressive Museums. A vibrant night-life and cafe culture, mixed with excellent restaurants ensures the Zurich remains a favourite destination for many travellers. We meticulously ensure that all our conference venues provide the highest quality environment to maximise the learning experience, as well as providing excellent food, facilities and accommodation. We also ensure that the venue is selected for ease of travel, including major airports and rail.

We run a variety of courses in Zurich. These are constantly reviewed and updated to provide the best training experience, at the best venues. For more details about our comprehensive courses please review and click on the links below. To enquire further about any of the courses and location details, our helpful and friendly team are waiting to hear from you now.

Title Date Venue
Effective Negotiation, Persuasion & Critical Thinking 13 - 17 Jun 2022 Zurich View Detials
Leading with Excellence 13 - 24 Jun 2022 Zurich View Detials
The Professional Negotiator 13 - 17 Jun 2022 Zurich View Detials
Safety Leadership in the Oil and Gas Industry 13 - 17 Jun 2022 Zurich View Detials
Successful Planning, Organising & Delegating 20 - 24 Jun 2022 Zurich View Detials