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Certificate in Asset Valuation

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London - UK
25-29 Sep 2023
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 London - UK
 25-29 Sep 2023

The certificate

  • Coventry Academy Certificate of Attendance will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the course

Training Course Overview

What is it worth? Being able to state a price creates an ‘anchor’ in any negotiation. Yet, if we are unsure how much something is worth, our usual initial question is ‘how much is it?’ – hoping that this will give us insight as to whether or not we are getting a good deal.

This training course will provide delegates with the fundamentals of asset valuation – from property to bonds, shares to commodities and whole companies. We will look at the various valuation techniques available, as well as examining the effects of ‘behavioural economics’ and how we can guard against making poor investment decisions.

We will examine a variety of company accounts to assess the reasonableness of their market valuations, as well as the role of banks and central banks in influencing prices. At the end of this training course, delegates will feel confident to understand the core drivers of price and to identify under-priced assets. 

Training Course Objectives 

By attending this COPEX training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Read and Assess a Company’s Financial Statements
  • Understand and Apply the Various Valuation Techniques to Various Asset Classes
  • Become Familiar with Industry Specific Asset Valuation Considerations
  • Assess the Impact of Non-financial Factors on Valuation Metrics
  • Appreciate How Central Banks have Distorted Asset Valuations in Recent Years

Designed For 

This training course is aimed at any one who wants to understand the principles of valuing assets. It assumes no prior financial knowledge and therefore helps delegates understand the concepts of asset valuation building from first principles. With a highly interactive approach, delegates will have the opportunity to practice on multiple case studies.

This COPEX training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Managers and Senior Managers
  • Department and Regional Directors
  • Strategy Executives and Corporate Financial Planners
  • Debt & Equity Research Professionals
  • Corporate Treasurers & Investment Officers
  • Commercial and Investment Bankers

Training Course Outline

  • The Fundamentals of How Companies are Financed including Loans, Bonds and the Use of Derivatives
  • The Key Financial Statements and How They Interact
  • Core Ratio Analysis to Assess the Performance of a Company
  • Industry Specific Asset Valuation Drivers
  • From Book Value to Discounted Cash Flow
  • The Relationship Between Yield and PE Ratios
  • Assessing the Impact of Risk and the Cost of Money on Asset Values
  • Non-Financial Considerations in Asset Valuation
  • The Impact of Central Banks since 2008 (and Prior) in Moving Asset Prices
  • Multiple Case Studies

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