Master Class: Leadership for Emerging Women Leaders

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Master Class: Leadership for Emerging Women Leaders in Management & Leadership

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Why Choose this Training Course?

Are you confident in leading and managing your organisation? This course covers the key topics addressed by Executive MBA’s, focused on the needs and challenges of women managers or would-be managers. Having an understanding and working knowledge of people management, marketing, finance, and strategy is essential for any manager worth their salt. In addition, there is a need for key skills: influence and negotiation, to deliver great results.

This Coventry Academy training course offers delegates the chance to apply theories and practice skills in a safe environment – to overcome obstacles and gain confidence. Delivered in a fun and participative manner, participants will take back new ideas and ways of working which will enable them to deliver results!

This training course will feature:

  • An understanding of the management of people and how to manage performance
  • Acquire key marketing skills to achieve business success
  • Learn to set work priorities in order to meet strategic aims
  • Learn the fundamentals of finance, enabling you to understand key principles
  • Develop leadership skills to influence others and negotiate successfully