Power System Protection

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Power System Protection in Power, Utilities and Energy

Course Schedule

Date Venue Fees($)
18 - 22 Dec 2022 Dubai - UAE $4,950

Course Summary

Why Choose this Training Course?

This Coventry Academy training course in Dubai covers the fundamentals of protecting a power system against hazards posed by abnormal system conditions, such as short-circuit faults. An overview of the protective devices available for application, both industrial and utility, is presented along with typical means of implementing these devices. Both electromechanical and digital relays are discussed. Fuse selection and coordination is explored in depth. Utility-specific protective devices, such as reclosers and sectionalizers, are presented, and utility-specific protection strategies, such as fuse-saving and fuse-blowing are covered. Workshops allow the delegates to apply techniques learned in the training course to realistic protection scenarios.

This Coventry Academy training course will feature:

  • Philosophy of protective relaying and protection strategies
  • Electromechanical relay operating principles and microprocessor implementations
  • Radial system protection – time-coordinated overcurrent protection
  • Instrument transformers
  • Differential and distance relays, including pilot protection