Servant Leadership

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Servant Leadership in Management & Leadership

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27 - 29 Sep 2022 Online $1,750

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Throughout human history there have been leaders who have managed to win the hearts and minds of their people, making it possible for them to create mass movements that have transformed the way we live today. Each of these leaders was unique in its mission. Yet all shared a deep understanding of the same handful of wisdom principles. Timeless, yet often forgotten truths, that are guaranteed to gain the respect, loyalty & most importantly the action of their followers. This wisdom has been studied and applied by political and business leaders for centuries. Yet in our modern day has often been forgotten. In our quest to always find the latest techniques and strategies, we often overlook the wisdom of our ancestors, thinking ourselves to have greater knowledge and insights than they had in their day.

But is that true?

The servant leadership development program will examine several pieces of ancient wisdom that have served our world well. and look at how we can utilize them in our organizations and our teams today. Times change, cultures change. Even humans change in the way that we think. But some things are hard wired into humans that are timeless. By tapping into these deep fundamental desires that are built into the human psyche, you will see that leaders can transform individuals lives, and those lives, when combined can send your team or organization to the next level and create results & growth, that is beyond where modern thinking can take us.