Strategic Thinking

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Strategic Thinking in Management & Leadership

Course Schedule

Date Venue Fees($)
19 - 23 Dec 2022 London - UK $5,950

Course Summary

Why Choose this Training Course?

This highly practical Coventry Academy training course will enable you to determine and think strategically about the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead for your organisation. The future is uncertain, and it requires us to think deeply to determine the way. That, in turn, makes planning even more necessary. By combining powerful analysis methods with proven thinking tools, you can help your organization to get better at dealing with today’s world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Many managers today say they know that taking time out to think and plan strategically is really important. Research shows us that insufficient time is devoted to actually doing this. This training course is designed to help managers develop efficient ways to achieve strategic thinking for their organisations.

This Coventry Academy training course will feature:

  • Creativity, Innovation and critical thinking in strategic management
  • Strategic analysis of your industry and environment
  • Understanding Your Organisation\'s structure, Processes and Culture
  • Formulating and choosing Strategic Options
  • Stakeholder Analysis and management
  • Implementing Strategic Plans to deliver value