Field Production Optimization using Agent Based Simulation

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Field Production Optimization using Agent Based Simulation in Information Technology

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Why Choose this Training Course?

As the complexities of real life systems increase so has to increase our understanding of them. Issues that are regularly arising in oil and gas exploration, production and transportation industries must be optimized in order to achieve increase in productivity and efficiency. Oil and gas industry requires constant innovation throughout the sector, update of present practices, and implementing new technological advances.

Process updates, innovation implementation usually interrupt existing projects and cause delays, although they are there to remove them, this causes frustration and difficulty in implementation. On other hand, not implementing innovation, reducing research and not updating processes, threatens sustainable profitability. Agent Based Simulation modeling ensures effective change implementation by enabling analysis, optimization, and experimentation in an environment that can fully capture the details of operations in risk free environment, companies can implement and analyze changes without interruption in production, the problems and risks can be identified and addressed in the beginning of the project, before they appear in real life implementation.

This training course will feature:

  • Forecasts of well productions
  • Production decline analysis
  • Optimization Techniques-Linear Programming, Non-Linear Programming
  • Agent-based, system dynamic and discrete event modeling
  • Using AnyLogic simulation software for process analysis and optimization
  • Implementation of the optimum values of parameters in the production system
  • How to harness the power of data acquisition and process simulation for production planning?