Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Project Preparation

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Project Preparation in Project Management

Course Schedule

Date Venue Fees($)
04 - 08 Dec 2022 Dubai - UAE $4,950

Course Summary

Why Choose this Training Course?

PPP projects are very complex with large financial outputs and consequences. The projects include infrastructure, power generation, utilities all of which should be implemented efficiently and in a sustainable manner. Hence these projects involve major challenges which need to be overcome to deliver a successful project. The success or failure of a project will depend on many factors and the study of case studies included in this training, will help guide participants on the dos and don’ts  of successful PPP projects delivery and implementation.

This Coventry Academy training course will identify the underlying best practices that can be applicable in most countries, be they in emerging markets or developing economies, always recognizing the local conditions. The use of a range of case studies and examples will help illustrate both successful and less successful practices. Further, it will help illustrate what parties have learnt through experience and how PPPs have evolved in this process.

Good project preparation is fundamental to a successful PPP project. The concept of PPP obligates a more collaborative relationship between both sectors, fostered by openness and trust. This presents a major shift from the traditional arms-length approach in procuring services and executing projects. Well designed, feasible projects attract greater interest amongst potential investors and demonstrate the potential benefits of taking the project forward to procurement phase. Therefore, PPP projects critically require specialist trained personnel who possess a deep understanding of the many different constraints involved and who display extensive knowledge of how to prepare and commence a PPP project.

In this bespoke training course, we will be addressing the current issues around the key areas and providing specialist knowledge, experience, evidence and practices of the relevant theory and concepts with an emphasis on case studies and examples.

This Coventry Academy training course will feature:

  • Selection of a PPP contract type for given project context
  • Adopting internationally recognized good practice
  • What constitutes a sound feasibility approach?
  • How to make projects more attractive to private investors
  • How to perform a basic project appraisal
  • How to create an appropriate structure for a given PPP project
  • Understand basic knowledge of the PPP scheme