Improving Organisational Performance through Sustainable Leadership

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Improving Organisational Performance through Sustainable Leadership in Management & Leadership

Course Schedule

Date Venue Fees($)
28 Nov - 02 Dec 2022 London - UK $5,950

Course Summary

Why Choose this Training Course?

This very practical training course is about Sustainable Leadership. Major changes in our world have resulted in the demand for a new type of leadership, one that has long-term sustainability and social responsibility and its core. This type of leadership is known as Sustainable Leadership. A Sustainable Leader is one who creates value for all stakeholders of organisation, including future generations, and the community. Sustainable leadership is a set of behaviours, practices, and systems that imagine and shape the future. A future for all.

This exciting and practical five-day training course will cover topics such as Stakeholder Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ways to improve communication, Decision-making and problem-solving methods and Critical-thinking and creativity.

This Coventry Academy five-day training course helps participants understand the need for sustainable leadership and identifies methods to develop good practices in this vital area. The training course identifies techniques to improve the participant\'s competencies as sustainable leaders in any organisation.

This training course will feature:

  • Behaviours of sustainable leaders
  • PPP - the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit
  • Leadership following Covid-19
  • Practical ways to improve communication
  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • Creativity and innovation