A highly interactive training course on

Leadership to Empower, Enable and Engage

Improving Productivity & Employee Engagement
Through Effective Frontline Leadership
Coventry Academy -  Leadership to Empower, Enable and Engage

Course Schedules

 22-26 Apr 2024
 07-11 Oct 2024

Training course overview

People are like electricity… they are no use unless switched on. No company can succeed in the long run without energised employees. However, research indicates that getting people “switched on” is an ever-increasing challenge. Many leaders currently witness low morale through the rise of part-time and flexible work schedules, organisational downsizing, changing markets and the delayering of traditional structures. Against such a backdrop the role of front line leaders becomes critical. This training course offers practical insights and strategies that generate the positive organisational landscape which can build and sustain employee commitment through intellectual, affective and social engagement. This Coventry Academy online training course examines the strategies that build meaningfulness in the workplace and create competitive advantage in the market.

What are the goals?

By the end of this Coventry Academy online training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Compelling Business Case for Employee Engagement
  • Implement Techniques to Measure, Generate and Sustain Engagement
  • Apply the Principles of Generous Leadership to Enhance, Enable and Empower
  • Recognise “The Collective Power of Wisdom” to Generate Collaborative Practice
  • Evaluate and Enhance Organisational Engagement Against a Theoretical Model

Who is this training course for?

This Coventry Academy online training course is designed for professionals across all functions or disciplines, with "Front Line" leadership responsibilities, who wish to evaluate progressive management practices which engage the “Hearts and Minds” of those they lead. This is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Technical Professionals Tasked with Supervision of Others
  • Managers Seeking to Energise Their Practice and Their People
  • Managers with Career Aspirations for Wider Leadership or Functional Roles
  • HR / OD Practitioners Who Supporting Managers to Improve Their Practice
  • Those Delegated with Change Management Initiatives Relating to Productivity

Course Outline

Day One: Employee Engagement and Business Success
  • What is employment engagement?
  • The business case for engagement -  impacts business success
  • Analysis and measurement of engagement
  • The impact of front line leadership on engagement, productivity and commitment 
  • What do engaging leaders actually do?
  • What style of leadership does the role demand?
 Day Two: “Front Line Leadership” to Capture “Hearts and Minds”
  • Self-review & evaluation of front line skills that build engagement
  • Personality and management/leadership style - psychometric assessment and review
  • Authentic leadership to inspire people to exceed performance expectations
  • The shadow of the leader - impact and influence
  • Emotional Intelligence and its role in Engagement
  • Creating the inspirational vision - the key elements of alignment
 Day Three: Aligning Performance to Create Trust & Engagement
  • The power of trust
  • Collective wisdom to enhance decisions
  • Team purpose - Performance Management, KPI’s and MBO’s
  • The importance of behaviours - building a team charter
  • Performance audits, reviews and implications
  • Evaluating potential and performance - Grid for talent management review
Day Four: Harnessing Potential to Create Engagement: Motivation, Commitment and Competence
  • Task and Job Allocation - right player right position
  • Improving Team Dynamics - positive and negative group behaviours
  • Successful Delegation - the achieving results through the efforts of others
  • Motivating People - core skills and practical steps
  • Enhancing productivity and alignment by balancing positive and negative interactions
  • Dealing with Poor Performance - Coaching for team and individual performance issues
Day Five: Creating a Culture of Engagement through Generous “Front Line” Leadership
  • Core essential for generous front line leadership
  • The front tine leadership challenge - creating a culture of connection
  • Action planning against the employee engagement model
  • When engagement goes too far - pitfalls of an overdone strength
  • Balancing pressure with performance
  • Review of week and closure

The certificate

  • Coventry Academy e-Certificate of Attendance will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the course

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