Leading Under Pressure

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Leading Under Pressure in Management & Leadership

Course Schedule

Date Venue Fees($)
10 - 21 Oct 2022 Barcelona - Spain $11,900

Course Summary

Why Choose this Training Course?

This highly participative training course will help you to develop your leadership skills to lead others in times of pressure, stress and crisis. You will become more aware of your strengths and limitations when you experience workplace pressure. In this training course you will obtain the latest insights into what make a leader able to manage themselves and others during times of pressure and stress.

This training course covers the best practices and the proven way of successfully dealing with a crisis. Delegates will gain tangible results with up-to-date case studies and exercises to reinforce key learning points for immediate implementation at their workplaces. This training course will ensure you do not make the same mistakes of those other Crisis Managers.

This Coventry Academy training course will feature:

  • Leadership Skills for Handling Pressure & Stress
  • Leading with Confidence During Challenging Times
  • Best practice advise drawing on the expertise of crisis researchers, analysts and practitioners
  • Getting the maximum from emergency responders and crisis management teams
  • How to avoid mis-management and so make a bad situation worse

The Structure

This comprehensive training course consists of two modules which can be booked as a 10 Day Training event, or as individual, 5 Day training courses.

Module 1 - Leadership Excellence in Handling Pressure & Stress

Module 2 - Strategic Crisis Management