The Balanced Scorecard

Coventry Academy provides a training course in The Balanced Scorecard in Management & Leadership

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05 - 07 Sep 2022 Online $1,750

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Creating a strategy is one thing, turning it into tangible actions that deliver improved performance is quite another. Every organisation knows it needs to respond effectively to an ever-changing world; to grab new opportunities, counter threats and beat the competition. However, many fail to turn their vision for a better future into practical actions that deliver better results for their customers. What is required is a holistic approach that focuses on people, processes and customer service to deliver improved financial results. The Balanced Scorecard provides the necessary framework for doing this and allows you to monitor progress towards your objectives in real-time, so you can refine your approach as you learn from experience.

This highly practical training course will help you apply the principles of the Balanced Scorecard to empower employees, optimize internal processes, and delights customers. Ultimately, we see how to unlock the potential of your strategy to deliver bottom line benefits for your organisation.