Leadership Decision Making

Coventry Academy provides a training course in Leadership Decision Making in Management & Leadership

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Why Choose this Training Course?

Leadership is often characterised by the capacity to be decisive and to make decisions that generate a positive momentum within the organisation. Thus, by definition, leaders are “decision architects”, required to understand when to make quick decisions and when to be more reflective utilising the “collective wisdom” that exists around them. They must  understand how and when to balance the responsive emotional reaction with the more reasoned and calculated response. A leader’s decision-making skills are only as good as their ability to identify and evaluate problems. Both activities must be viewed against the macro context of continuous global change, political instability and market uncertainty and the personal micro context of the anxiety, stress and potential hostility that frequently arises when difficult problems are confronted, and tough decisions made.

This highly interactive leadership training course will equip leaders with the self-belief, confidence and proven techniques to make sound and effective decisions; initially through a detailed analysis of personality and leadership and thinking styles. The programme highlights three factors that underpin leadership decision making. Emotional intelligence and its crucial role in influencing others; the ability to handle uncertainty in an ever-changing world and the necessity of balancing rational and emotional responses, applying the science of logic with the energy of creativity. If you are responsible for key decision-making activity, this programme will be of great benefit offering new techniques and opportunities to strategically plan for the future

This Coventry Academy training course will feature:

  • Assessing leadership styles and how they impact the organisational decision-making culture
  • Whole brain thinking solutions to balance logic and emotional response
  • Emotional intelligent leadership for insightful responses utilising collective wisdom
  • Recognising and applying the symbiotic nature of problem solving and decision making
  • Creative leadership that facilitates the empowering, inquiring and responsive organisation